Month: March 2011

  • Japan Tsunami: A Lesson in Being Ready

    Since the tsunami devastated Japan last week, the news has been at times unimaginable. The last death toll I read was around 10,000. As I am writing this blog, breaking news on Yahoo! reports that there are fears of yet another tidal wave hitting the nation. Yet another Yahoo! article reports that the tsunami had […]

  • Lent: A Time of Renewal

    Lent is not just about fasting. It should not be a season for meaningless ritualized self-denial, but a time when we renew our dedication to Christ.

  • Facebook: Fellowship or Fantasy Friendships?

    A new post for my blog. Lately, I have been thinking about how the Internet relates to the Christian life: How Christians should use it in a manner consistent with our faith. Here, I address the difference between genuine relationships (“fellowship”) and online “friendships” (which can supplement a real relationship, or be a cheap substitute).