Month: July 2017

  • Sabbaths, Sabbaticals, and Seasons of Refreshing

    Sabbaths, Sabbaticals, and Seasons of Refreshing

    A few thoughts about Sabbaths and sabbaticals. I will take the month of August off from writing; will be back in September.

  • Dressed for Success

    Dressed for Success

    According to Romans 8:37, we should be “overwhelming conquerors.” Yet, many Christians suffer defeat in some area of their lives. This is not God’s will for you. God declared that He wants you to be more than a conqueror.

  • Keeping the Trolls Under the Bridge

    Internet trolling has no place in the Kingdom of God. In his pastoral epistles, Paul warned Timothy and Titus to avoid arguments and controversies.

  • Remaining Alert—Luke 21:34–36

    Remaining Alert—Luke 21:34–36

    Conjecture about the future distracts believers from the here-and-now. We can be overly concerned about living through the Great Tribulation, but first we need to survive the temptations of today. If we cannot overcome sin and Satan in today’s small conflicts, how can we overcome if full-blown persecution comes to our country?