Month: January 2019

  • God, Nature, Science, and Revelation

    God, Nature, Science, and Revelation

    We can look within our hearts and come to have faith that there is a God who loves us because we want to believe in this Being. We can look to the world and universe around us, see the intricate order, and know for certain that there is a wise Creator behind it all.

  • Hard-Wired to Seek God

    Hard-Wired to Seek God

    How can we know God? How can we know that there is a God? And, if there is a God, how can we know what He/She/It is like? These are important questions, from which many of the other great questions of life spring forth.

  • Writing With Purpose Part 2

    Writing With Purpose Part 2

    An orderly, structured understanding of Scripture remains as necessary as ever. It is tempting to replace certain, orderly biblical truth with opinions and feelings. Many Christians say they follow the Bible, but they choose to follow only those parts that they like. Or, they use the Bible to justify their feelings, opinions, biases, and desires.