Month: March 2019

  • God’s Word, Daily Devotions, and the Family

    God’s Word, Daily Devotions, and the Family

    We need to read the Bible every day. We should read it alone. We should also teach it to our children.

  • God’s Purpose in Scripture

    God’s Purpose in Scripture

    Scripture may not answer all of our questions, but it does tell us everything that we need to know to live by faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Scripture and Tradition

    Scripture and Tradition

    This post looks a little more closely at the relationship between Scripture and tradition. Many Christians reject tradition entirely, claiming to rely only on the Bible. A wiser position may be to see how the Holy Spirit has guided previous generations of Christians to interpret Scripture.

  • The Authority of Scripture

    The Authority of Scripture

    The Holy Spirit inspired the writers of Scripture and directed them as they wrote. He guided the apostles to understand truths they were not ready to receive during Jesus’ earthly ministry (John 16:12–13), and these now appear in the pages of Scripture. This is not an ordinary book. Sadly, many Christians treat the Bible like an intellectual Lego set, trying to piece it together to suit their desires.

  • Lent and Fasting

    Lent and Fasting

    Some people will go through Lent and get nothing out of it. However, that is not because there is a problem with the season or the traditions associated with it. It is a problem with how that particular individual is approaching the situation. As we give up food or pleasures for Lent, let us take on other practices that will draw us closer to Jesus.