Category: Family

  • Is Marriage Becoming Obsolete?

    There has been a lot of media attention this week to a recent survey, by the Pew Research Center, which indicates that nearly four in ten adults think marriage is becoming obsolete. Such numbers can be disheartening to people, like me, who have a strong desire to stand up for traditional Judeo-Christian values. Marriage is…

  • Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Looking Ahead: New Article

    I just posted a new article on this site, entitled “Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Looking Ahead.“ This is the text of the sermon that I preached this morning at Half Hollow Community Church in Dix Hills, NY. The nondenominational church was celebrating its 134th anniversary, and I was asked to fill the pulpit. The minister, Rev.…

  • Passion and Passivity

    “Passivity” starts with the same five letters as does “passion.” Yet, these words are virtual opposites. Someone who is passionate cannot be passive at the same time, about the same thing.

  • Fathers’ Day Reflections

    This Fathers’ Day, let us place the barbecues, the cards, and the new ties in their proper place. Fellow fathers, let us renew our vows to build a godly heritage.”

  • For Future Generations

    Our society is so self-centered that most Americans—including mature, committed Christians—have a hard time thinking beyond what they can see. We think in a short term, but God thinks long-term…. God, however, sees a much bigger picture. He sees generations yet unborn and calls me to seek blessings for them, as well as for the…