Category: Scripture Sabbath

  • Fulfillment of the Law—Matthew 5:17-20

    Matthew 5:17-20 reminds us the Jesus has fulfilled the law of God. The entire law is summed up in loving God and your neighbor. Because it is love, the New Covenant in Christ calls us to a higher standard.

  • The Mercy Seat—Exodus 25:21–22

    Come to Jesus as a recipient of His mercy and grace. None of us deserves to come to Him, but He offers us salvation as a free gift. We cannot earn it, but we can receive it boldly by faith.

  • Judge Not

    Jesus’ instruction, “Do not judge,” is frequently abused, since those who are in open rebellion against God quote it out of context. Regrettably, many Christians have swallowed the bait of falsehood that has been presented to them.

  • I Can Do All Things

    There is a great promise in Philippians 4:13, but it is not the one that many people claim. It is not a promise that you can achieve any wild fantasy that enters your mind, or accomplish some great goal that will make you rich, powerful, and popular. It is the promise that, whatever difficulties you face in life, Christ can give you the power to get through it. He will give you the strength you need to get through all of your trials.

  • Scripture Sabbath Challenge—John 20:21–23

    The focus of Jesus’ teaching turned in a new direction after His resurrection. For three years, He taught the disciples the gospel and principles of the kingdom of God. After His resurrection, He focused on how they would proclaim that gospel throughout the world.