Tag: Christ

  • Who Are You and Who Am I?

    Jesus is able to reveal to you the truth about who you are. Too many of us wander through life, trying to decide who we are. We spend our lives in a perpetual identity crisis. Acknowledge Jesus as he truly is. Then, ask him who you are. What is his purpose for your life? He will never steer you wrong.

  • Freedom in Christ

    Freedom is important to us not only as Americans, but more so as Christians. God speaks about freedom throughout His Word, but it is not the sort of freedom the world promotes.

  • Celebrating Freedom

    It might be helpful to consider the true significance of Memorial Day for Americans, and relate it to the spiritual freedom Christ offers us.

  • Repentance: The Flip Side of Faith

    Spiritually, many Christians try to walk with a faith that lacks its flip side. When I became a Christian, I was told how I could be born again if I simply believe in Jesus Christ and accept his free gift of salvation. I could simply say a quick prayer and be guaranteed eternal life. Yet, how does this line up with biblical preaching about salvation? As we will see, it is a half-truth with something substantial missing.

  • Salvation Page Added

    I have recently added a page to my website explaining how one can come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.