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  • Jesus, Family, and Grandparents

    Jesus, Family, and Grandparents

    Several traditional churches commemorate the parents of Mary on July 26. This post shares a few thoughts about them and the importance of a spiritual legacy.

  • Fathers’ Day

    Fathers’ Day

    Some thoughts for Fathers’ Day: Fatherhood is an important calling from God. We play an important in the lives of future generations.

  • Called to Share God’s Blessings

    Called to Share God’s Blessings

    Abraham’s calling, to be the father of many nations, focused on his responsibility to be a blessing to others. It is our calling as well.

  • Genealogies and Legacies

    Genealogies and Legacies

    Some life lessons that came to me while tracing my family tree. Lesson #1: Be kind to everyone you meet. They are your cousins.

  • Modern-Day Elijahs IX: Fathers and Families

    Modern-Day Elijahs IX: Fathers and Families

    Elijah ascended into heaven, but his legacy remains. Few biblical prophets share his prominence. Although he did not write any of the books of the Bible, he is considered one of the greatest prophets in Judaism. Only Moses holds higher esteem. When Jesus was transfigured, Moses and Elijah appeared with Him (Matthew 17:1–8).