Spiritual Warfare

immaculate_conception_catholic_church_28knoxville2c_tennessee29_-_stained_glass2c_sword_of_the_spiritThis page provides links to all eighteen posts in the series on “Spiritual Warfare,” to help those who are interested in reading the entire series:

I: The Battle is Real

II: Destroying Strongholds with the Sword of the Spirit

III: Standing Firm

IV: The Belt of Truth

V: The Breastplate of Righteousness

VI: The Shoes of Peace

VII: The Shield of Faith

VIII: The Helmet of Salvation

IX: Introduction to the Sword of the Spirit

X: Using the Sword of the Spirit

XI: Final Thoughts about the Sword of the Spirit

XII: Intercessory Prayer

XIII: Interceding for All People

XIV: Interceding for the Church

XV: Thanksgiving, Prayer, and Spiritual Warfare

XVI: Perseverance and Watchfulness

XVII: The Necessity of Faith

XVIII: Concluding Thoughts

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