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  • Just for Today (Not a Whole Year)

    Just for Today (Not a Whole Year)

    It is easier and more productive to live “just for today” or “one day at a time” than to try to commit to a year or lifetime of change.

  • 2021 In Review: God Is In Control; I Am Not

    2021 In Review: God Is In Control; I Am Not

    In this post, I take a look back at the last year. One big lesson is that there are so many things we cannot control. We need to put our trust in God.

  • New Beginnings

    New Beginnings

    Is God calling you to expect new beginnings in 2021?

  • 2020: A Year of Vision

    2020: A Year of Vision

    Maybe, as you are reading this and beginning a new year, you sense that God is calling you to something greater than the usual New Year’s resolutions in 2020. Perhaps He is calling you to bring your hopes, dreams, and visions to Him, align them with His vision for your life, and allow His wisdom to guide you in 2020 and beyond.

  • Resolving to Follow Christ in the New Year

    Resolving to Follow Christ in the New Year

    As I write, the year 2017 is approaching its end. Many people are writing down their New Year’s resolutions. Although I usually quip that my New Year’s resolution is to avoid making New Year’s resolutions, I must admit that there is some value to this tradition. Many of us can think of ways we would like to improve our lives. Maybe we want to eat healthier, exercise regularly, get control of our finances, quit a bad habit, etc. We can make positive changes anytime, but somehow it seems convenient to make major life changes while replacing the calendars that are hanging on our walls.