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  • Diversity and Ministry

    Diversity and Ministry

    A quote from St. Ignatius of Loyola reminds us that Satan is willing to use diversity to achieve his agenda. However, God is the One who made us unique and diverse. We can use those attributes for His glory.

  • Spiritual Warfare XVIII: Concluding Thoughts

    Spiritual Warfare XVIII: Concluding Thoughts

    Spiritual warfare may not seem like it should be part of the Christmas message. However, Satan does not care about our calendar. He will attack whenever it is convenient for him. Life and hardship continue in spite of Christmas. In fact, we cannot remove Satan or the demonic from the Christmas story.

  • Spiritual Warfare III: Standing Firm

    Spiritual Warfare III: Standing Firm

    How do we stand with other believers in spiritual warfare? We must be honest, transparent, trusting, and trustworthy in our fellowship with other Christians. We must share our burdens with each other. If you do not have a few prayer and accountability partners, find them. Find a few mature Christians, whom you can trust. Share…

  • Spiritual Warfare I: The Battle Is Real

    Spiritual Warfare I: The Battle Is Real

    Over the next few posts, I will share a few thoughts on this subject. I hope to address what it is, what it is not, and how we engage in such a battle.

  • Confession: Resisting the Lies of the Enemy

    1 John 1:8–10 hints at two closely related lies that many Christians fall for: “We have no sin” and “We have not sinned.” The first implies that one has achieved a state of moral perfection; the other claims that either we were always in that state of moral perfection or that some people really have…