OSAMA BIN LADEN NOW IN HELL (via Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog)

Strongly-worded title, but it needs to be said. I saw Joel’s blog while I was working on my post (see below; I published it just before I posted this). He says a number of things that I probably would have said in a more detailed analysis. I urge those who read my post to follow it up by reading his.

The long American nightmare is over. Osama bin Laden has been brought to justice, killed in Pakistan yesterday by U.S. commandos after a decade-long hunt. Justice has been served. But let’s be clear: bin Laden is not now in Paradise with 72 virgins. Bin Laden was a fanatical Radical Sunni Muslim. He hated the Lord Jesus Christ. He hated and cursed Christians and Jews. He murdered Christians and Jews and others; recruited, trained and deployed tho … Read More

via Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog

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