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  • Modern-Day Elijahs VI: You’re Not Alone

    Modern-Day Elijahs VI: You’re Not Alone

    There is a reason why Jesus chose to assemble a team of apostles. He knew that people will give in to defeat and discouragement if they try to do God’s work alone. We are not made to serve Him as soloists. If you are facing discouragement in your walk with God, make sure you have…

  • The Wolf and the Lamb—Isaiah 11:6

    In my previous post, I shared some observations regarding the above passage. Most of us have heard the phrase, “The lion shall lie down with the lamb,” so often that we think it is biblical. It seems to be a misquotation of Isaiah 11:6, though. When we realize that we have misunderstood a passage of…

  • Advent: A Season of Waiting and Preparation

    I would like to challenge the secular mindset about Christmas and “the holiday season” by urging my brothers and sisters in Christ to use the traditional church calendar as a guide. Instead of allowing mass-marketing to guide your life, allow the timeless truths of the Christian faith to shape your paths. By refusing to allow…

  • The Liebster Award

    The Liebster Award

    Thomas, from Motivation of Christian Love and Christenfindenruhe, has nominated my blog for the Liebster Award. It is an interesting prize that bloggers on WordPress have been awarding each other recently: We take the opportunity to acknowledge the blogs we read, and give each other an opportunity to share a little bit about what makes…

  • Learning and Teaching

    Learning and Teaching

    Thank God that He has provided diverse means of speaking to us through His Word. Some days, we will need to hear from a parable. Other days, He may need to set the law down for us. Let us embrace the grace He has shown by meeting us at our various points of need.