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  • From Asbury to Ashes

    From Asbury to Ashes

    The recent Asbury Revival can provide inspiration for those seeking personal spiritual renewal during Lent.

  • Spiritual Warfare XIII: Interceding for All People

    Spiritual Warfare XIII: Interceding for All People

    We are not fighting natural enemies. Our real enemies are the forces of Satan—not another political party, Islamic extremists, or illegal immigrants. These are at most tools or pawns whom Satan has deceived and manipulated to achieve his agenda. We need to attack the source of wickedness, not merely the visible symptoms. Prayer and other…

  • The Pro-Life Movement after Antonin Scalia’s Death

    Our nation is not drifting from God because Antonin Scalia died, and his death by itself does not create a moral and ideological crisis for our nation. Our nation suffers because God’s people do not recognize Him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

  • So, How Do We Prevent Mass Murders?

    Yet I have to ask, is gun control the answer? I know some of my less-religious friends may find this to be a contradiction in terms, but this man of faith demands evidence. Facts matter to me: Ideas and concepts must be backed up by data.