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  • Divine Sovereignty and Omnipotence

    Divine Sovereignty and Omnipotence

    God is both sovereign and all-powerful. Even death could not defeat Jesus. Even while dead, He exercised His authority over death.

  • The Authority of Scripture

    The Authority of Scripture

    The Holy Spirit inspired the writers of Scripture and directed them as they wrote. He guided the apostles to understand truths they were not ready to receive during Jesus’ earthly ministry (John 16:12–13), and these now appear in the pages of Scripture. This is not an ordinary book. Sadly, many Christians treat the Bible like…

  • The Faith of the Centurion—Luke 17:2–10

    Many overlook how the centurion’s claim of unworthiness contrasts with the elders’ claim that he was worthy. We can learn a lot about faith from the centurion in this context.