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  • Peacemakers and Prodigals

    Peacemakers and Prodigals

    God offers His peace to us no matter how far we stray from Him. He invites us to accept His invitation of peace and then extend it to others.

  • Spiritual Warfare XVII: The Necessity of Faith

    Spiritual Warfare XVII: The Necessity of Faith

    Spiritual warfare cannot be merely a pastime or activity. It must be a lifestyle. However, it is not a lifestyle of looking for demons lurking around every corner or hiding beneath every rock. It is about walking by faith moment by moment, ready to stand with Jesus against the wiles of Satan whenever necessary. The…

  • The Faith of the Centurion—Luke 17:2–10

    Many overlook how the centurion’s claim of unworthiness contrasts with the elders’ claim that he was worthy. We can learn a lot about faith from the centurion in this context.

  • Modern-Day Elijahs III: Healing and Hope

    Modern-Day Elijahs III: Healing and Hope

    We may never have the privilege of bringing a dead child back to life, but Christians are always called to minister as intercessors. Especially when others blame us or question our faith, we should stand as mediators between God and others. It is not our job to prove that we are right; it is our…

  • Your Way AND His Way

    As He healed him, Jesus said, “Go your way; your faith has made you well.” Jesus encouraged him to go home with his healing. Instead, Bartimaeus “followed him on the way.”