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  • Palm Sunday and Expectations

    Palm Sunday and Expectations

    Many people worship a distorted image of Jesus. It is usually a projection of our own ideals, values, and desires. We want Him to get with our program, but that will not work. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is Lord. That means we need to yield to His will, not the other way…

  • Holy Week and Social Distance

    Holy Week and Social Distance

    I share a few thoughts about Holy Week and corporate worship in our season of “social distancing.”

  • Triumphal Entry, Worship, Betrayal, and Abandonment

    Triumphal Entry, Worship, Betrayal, and Abandonment

    Christians know the triumphal entry story so well that we can miss the point. We can learn a lot from the disciples because they are terribly human. They are a lot like us. Sometimes, they show us heroic faith that we hope to imitate. At other times, they show us just how badly we can…

  • The Christian’s True Identity

    How am I known in heaven? Who do I say I am? Who does God say I am? Such questions about identity guide our lives. A person with a distorted, diminished, or deficient understanding of who they are will act on that sense of self-identity. A person who views himself or herself as a “loser”…