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  • Epiphany: Seek, Find, Worship

    Epiphany: Seek, Find, Worship

    The magi made great sacrifices, which defied logic, to meet Jesus. Are we willing to do the same?

  • Wise Men and Wisdom

    Wise Men and Wisdom

    The flaw of worldly wisdom and common sense is that it focuses on everything that happens “under the sun” and does not recognize its source and focus in God Himself. The pleasures, passions, and purposes we often seek are temporary; a focus on God Himself is eternal.

  • Shepherds, Wise Men, and Ordinary People

    Shepherds, Wise Men, and Ordinary People

    A nativity scene depicts the main figures in the account of Jesus’ birth together in one location at once. It works as an effective story-telling device. However, the story of Jesus’ birth has become so familiar to most Christians that many of us miss a few key points.