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  • Beyond Belief: Advent, Christmas, and Leaps of Faith

    Beyond Belief: Advent, Christmas, and Leaps of Faith

    The biblical account of Jesus’ birth is not like what we see in many movies and TV specials. Much like our lives, it was messy, stressful, and complicated. Mary and Joseph had to confront their doubts and fears, the skepticism of others, and other challenges. It sounds simple, but the Bible tells a story about ordinary people facing an incomprehensible crisis together.

  • The Annunciation: Saying “Yes” to God

    The Annunciation: Saying “Yes” to God

    In speaking to the angel, Mary speaks FOR all true disciples of Jesus: “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” Let this be our prayer: That we can be faithful to God, obeying Him and doing His will regardless the circumstances and risk, trusting Him to work all things out. In speaking to the servants at the wedding, she speaks TO all true disciples: “Do whatever He tells you.” As she has surrendered herself to the will of God, we can now entrust ourselves to His will. When God speaks, we listen, obey, and trust Him. Then, we can be called blessed, even as all generations now call her blessed (Luke 1:48).

  • Shepherds, Wise Men, and Ordinary People

    Shepherds, Wise Men, and Ordinary People

    A nativity scene depicts the main figures in the account of Jesus’ birth together in one location at once. It works as an effective story-telling device. However, the story of Jesus’ birth has become so familiar to most Christians that many of us miss a few key points.