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  • Special Revelation: God Reveals Himself!

    Special Revelation: God Reveals Himself!

    The Bible is not primarily a theology textbook, science text, philosophical treatise, or rule book. At its foundation, it is God’s inspired written record of His testimony to mankind. He calls us to encounter Him through His Son Jesus Christ, whom the Written Word of God reveals as the Living Word of God. This is…

  • How to Read and Study the Bible

    This article will provide guidelines and suggestions for reading and understanding God’s Word and applying its truths to everyday life. It is a basic primer for the new believer or novice Bible student, and provides basic suggestions for anybody who wants to develop a more effective approach to Bible reading.

  • Finding Time for God

    Good time managers recognize the need to set priorities. You must choose to allocate time for the things that are most important to you. The Bible tells us that a wise disciple of Jesus will “redeem the time,” making the most of it (Ephesians 5:16). This begins by setting aside time to commune with God.