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  • God’s Purpose in Scripture

    God’s Purpose in Scripture

    Scripture may not answer all of our questions, but it does tell us everything that we need to know to live by faith in Jesus Christ.

  • New Reformation or Personal Reformation

    New Reformation or Personal Reformation

    Perhaps the Church does not need a New Reformation. The problems within the church are problems with human nature. New church structures will not eradicate them. Rethinking theology may actually multiply them. Each of us, as individual believers in Christ, need our own personal New Reformation. We need to daily recommit ourselves to saying “yes”…

  • New Reformation or Right Teaching?

    New Reformation or Right Teaching?

    Is it time for a New Reformation? From time to time, a Christian preacher or teacher (perhaps claiming the authority of an apostle or prophet) will claim that the church has grown so lukewarm or apostate that we need a new reformation.

  • Learning and Teaching

    Learning and Teaching

    Thank God that He has provided diverse means of speaking to us through His Word. Some days, we will need to hear from a parable. Other days, He may need to set the law down for us. Let us embrace the grace He has shown by meeting us at our various points of need.

  • Teaching, Reproof, Correction, and Training in Righteousness

    As we read the Bible, we should look at it from this perspective. What is God trying to tell me? What is He trying to teach me about Himself, or myself, or the world He created? What sinful behaviors or bad habits is He pointing out in my life? What false beliefs is He seeking…